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Applying Lugol's iodine transdermally

Sharing 2 posts i made few days ago in iodine workshop (uncensored) on FB.

Наде Надето yeah nearly everyone has read the 2 optimox studies concerning transdermal iodine posted regularly in most of the other iodine groups as if that is the last word on the matter when the studies referred to are not 5% Lugols or even close so not appropriate for comparison. Lugol's solution used to be painted on the skin before surgery, however, the RAI MDs complained to the FDA that their radioactive iodine photos were not clear and well-lit because people having surgeries close in time to the RAI test were getting too much iodine into their bodies and filling the thyroid gland with stable iodine so it was not prone to take in radioactive Iodine-123. So they invented Povidone iodine, iodine that is bound to an organic polymer that releases iodine very slowly onto the skin, enough to kill pathogens but not enough for absorption into the body of any significance.

Please think of this issue in this way when you paint iodine on your skin, elemental iodine that is supplied by Jean Lugol is very volatile for a solid and the diatomic molecules are neutral in charge and can go in any direction they are pointed... let's assume that 40% of them diffuse to the air, 40% diffuses into the skin, and 20% heads out sideways somewhat and could go any if 40% is heading towards your body, that is probably about how much will be going into it..since it takes days maybe weeks for all of this locally applied iodine to eventually get in the bloodstream and be available for testing or the thyroid gland, the studies in optimox mention this problem but that is about it, the results of their studies are based on rather an immediate rise in iodine levels in the blood. Remember one of the studies used elemental iodine dissolved in water. Iodine will dissolve in water at normal room temperature to a concentration of about 340ppm. This is significantly lower than 5% Lugol's for instance. The other study used 2% tincture of iodine in alcohol for the skin absorption test...this is not 5% Lugol's solution that is nearly 13% iodine in water that evaporates much slower than most alcohols...why are these limitations never talked about in other iodine groups? i don't know but probably because if you do they will kick you out in a flash.

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