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46% Lugol's Iodine Solution in a sturdy 5-ml or 10ml amber glass dropper vial. Shipped with polyphenol cap, comes with a dropper. Contains 46% Iodine crystals (99.8%+) and Potassium Iodide (USP Grade) per 1-ml of the solution in pure distilled water. Note: This product is being expressed as 46% w/v to be consistent with other Lugol's products, it is actually 23% w/w but its density is 2X that of water. There are 5.8 GRAMS of triiodide in this 5-ml vial (11.6gm in 10ml). This is the most concentrated Lugol’s iodine solution at 25-degrees C and is 58-mg of iodine per drop! This means there is 1.16-grams of iodine per 1-ml.  I want to offer this unique product for those that like the strong stuff. Will stain skin for up to 4 days (personal experience!). Specially formulated for hikers and backpackers to cut pack-weight. Only one drop per gallon of water is needed to purify translucent natural waters if left standing for 30-minutes at least 60-degrees F. Works well for removing warts and unwanted moles if applied directly, there is nothing else like it!   


MAXODINE 46% Lugol's Iodine Solution 5 & 10ml - 58mg-I/drop!

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  • 46% Lugol's solution provides more iodine per drop than any Iodine product on the market.  58mg/drop triiodide, which supplies maximum elemental iodine and bioactivity. 

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