5% Lugol's solution w/w (5% iodine + 10% potassium iodide + pure distilled water) and a very small amount of sodium selenite pentahydrate added so that each metric drop (20 drops/ml) will deliver 6.25-mg of iodine and 25-micrograms of selenium. With this concentration, someone taking 8 drops would be receiving 50-mg of iodine and 200-micrograms of selenium. Comes in a 3 sizes: 15ml, 30ml, and 59ml. Total iodine content is 12.6% or about 13%. Iodine and Selenium are needed for thyroid health and are the 2 rarest elements in the earth's crust essential to human life.---


5% Lugol's Iodine w/25-ug Selenium/metric drop

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  • 15ml=small