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SKI Saturated Potassium Iodide Solution.  4 sizes! small (15ml), medium (30ml), large (60ml), and Extra Large (120ml).


SKI is an excellent supplement to saturate your thyroid gland with iodine so it does not get damaged in the event of a radioactive I-131, I-129 release. The CDC recommends an adult take about 100 mg of iodide/day for an indefinite period of time in the event of a radiation emergency (130 mg of potassium iodide), which would be 2 drops of this product per day.  (Anything called SSKI is actually a weaker, less concentrated solution than this product, which contains as much potassium iodide per drop possible.) 


SKI Saturated Potassium Iodide approx. 50mg/drop iodide

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  • Can be mixed with your favorite drink!  Tastes like crap by itself! :D

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